We pick technologies based on our customer’s requirements and our recommendations. We have experience in a variety of platforms and tools.

Machine Learning Technologies

We conduct detailed analysis of the business needs of machine learning projects and can assist with data preparation as well as software development. Our expertise include implementing solutions for problems in natural language processing, image recognition and analysis, automatic speech recognition and text to speech.

Mobile & Other Technologies

We design and develop end-to-end mobile apps (including backend databases and interfaces), as well as take web-based apps and rebuild and modify them for easy and fast mobile deployment. We have developed native and hybrid apps in iOS and Android, for phones and tablets. We have also developed applications for new and cutting edge platforms such as Chromecast.

Web Technologies

We develop web applications using a diverse stack of technologies employing n-tier architecture. We create a REST layer on top of the business logic so that it can be used in multiple client platforms such as web applications, iPhone or Android. The applications are built using the latest Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm.


Along with web applications, we use both SQL and NoSQL databases as backend. The former one for storing transactional data and the NoSQL databases as high volume data stores. Apart from application development, we do database installations, database upgrades, data analytics, performance analysis and performance optimization tasks.

Wireframes & Image Processing

We use the best tools to communicate ideas and enable greater upfront User experience & functionality. We make rapid prototypes of pages or features for cross platform/devices such as iOS, Android and also for web applications, while measuring the practicality of a design concept.


Testing is an integrated process in every application development as most of our development happens in an Agile model with Sprints. We test web applications, iPhone applications, Android applications and even granular data level testing. We use many tools to support testing and for automation. Apart from the integrated workflow, we work with remote development teams providing testing only services too.