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Machine Learning based image classification to detect skin diseases


LuminDX is an AI-based health care services company that helps users and physicians make smarter choices in addressing skin diseases from a smartphone photo. Our team implemented an unsupervised image classification model for them that enabled the deep learning algorithm to auto-classify their images and improve the accuracy of its prediction capabilities.

Natural Language Processing based solution to assist human analysts

Client offers a human-curated media monitoring, measurement and intelligence services. Media measurement requires classification of news articles and social media posts under various metrics such as sentiment, key topic, brand affinity and messages. Our team built a text classification model to auto-classify the news articles and social posts using TensorFlow and Deep Neural Networks, thereby significantly increasing the productivity of the analysts.


Mobile app for automatically transcribing meetings


Testfire Labs is an AI software startup leveraging natural language processing and machine learning to build productivity solutions for the modern workforce. Our team developed a cross platform mobile app for the Hendrix application in React native framework with TypeScript. Also we have made enhancements to their websites and webapp which uses Gatsby, GraphQL, Contentful as CMS, React and Redux.

Artificial Intelligence based text classification and categorizing

Validated learning’s app Quick Key is an AI-based EdTech solution that include mobile application and web platform for teachers to scan, grade and analyze paper quizzes, tests and surveys. Their AI initiative aims to auto-classify quiz questions across all disciplines, by subject, standard and grade. Our team accomplished this text classification using the decision tree model in TensorFlow with a set of well-categorized training data.


SaaS platform – GIS based searching of millions of buildings


Connected2Fiber drives growth for network buyers and sellers through more effective participation, targeting and pricing based on authoritative location insight. Our team developed a web application that empowers the network operators to create, standardize, enhance and share location serviceability. We have implemented certain functionalities that gives intelligence about the Buildings/Routes. Technologies implemented include Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, Angular, MapboxGL, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Elastic Search, NodeJS, Codebeat.

HIPAA compliant cloud app for clinical trial patient recruitment

PDR Platform supports patient identification, recruitment and engagement on a fully HIPAA compliant infrastructure. The team comprises of architects, data scientists, backend engineers, frontend engineers and QA. The application includes three different portals developed using technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Python, MSSQL, MongoDB, Micro Service, API Gateway, Mapbox, Jenkins, HTML 5, AngularJS, CSS3, Material Design.


Guiding patients through email and text messages


Medumo is a patient navigation program to help hospitals, surgical centers, and care teams by sending specific email and text message reminders. Our team designed a Survey page for the patients to have a better interaction with the Medumo team and to get all their questions answered using React as the front end technology.